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Conference Venue


The Conference will be held at
the Muse Theatre
via della Loggia - 60121 Ancona
Tel. 071 207841 (reception)

Situated in the historic centre of Ancona, the Muse Theatre, which was originally built in 1826 by the architect Ghinelli from Senigallia, was seriously damaged during the Second World War.
Its restoration project was completed in 2002 and since then it has hosted important concerts, operas, plays, and also events of international standing.


The venue is within walking distance of the Hotels listed on our site.

Alternatively, it can can be reached by # 1/4 bus from the Railway Station and from Piazza Cavour, click here to see the map.

If you are coming to Ancona by car, finding a car park near the theatre is not easy. However, there are several multi-storey car parks within walking distance of the venue.
The closest is
Parcheggio Cialdini (1,60 per hour), 2 mins walk.
Parcheggio Traiano (1,20 per hour), 5 mins walk.
The most convenient is
Parcheggio Scambiatore - Degli Archi (2,00 all day, including bus ticket), 5 mins bus ride.

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