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Application Areas

Conference Topics

Papers are sought on every aspect of Vibration Measurements by Laser and Noncontact Techniques; the following list of topics is given as guidance:


Active and Passive Noise & Vibration Control
Vibro-acoustic and Noise, Testing, Noise Vibration Harshness NVH and Control
Modal Analysis
Metrology, Calibration and Standards
Non Destructive Testing and Damage Detection: Condition Monitoring, Diagnostics, Maintenance, Quality Control
Industrial Diagnostics and Quality Control
Civil Structures and Infrastructures: Bridges, Dams, Tunnels, Buildings, Towers, Environmental Noise, Diagostic, Safety Assessment
Laser in Art Conservation: Frescoes, Mosaics, Statues, Wooden Artworks
Vibrations and Health: Lasers in Biomedical Applications, Ergonomics
Laser Measurements in Microsystems & Nano Technologies: MEMS, Electro-Optical Microsystems, Smart Structures, Smart Materials, Biomedical Microsystems
Transport: Noise Vibration Harshness NVH Comfort Safety: Automotive, Aeronautics, Rail Transportation, Maritime, Aerospace
Security: Applications Against Fraud, Defence ApplicationsI
Rotating Machinery: Turbomachinery, Windmill Generators, Propellers, Fans
Vulcanology, Hearthquake Engineering
Noise & Vibration in Agriculture
Food Processing
Industrial Process Monitoring and Control: Robotics Processing, Machinery, Assembly Systems, On-line Quality Control, Packaging
Gravitational Wave Detection
Cavity Optomechanics

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