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Measurement Techniques

Conference Topics

Papers are sought on every aspect of Vibration Measurements by Laser and Noncontact Techniques; the following list of topics is given as guidance:


Laser Doppler Vibrometry: Single-point LDV, Scanning LDV 1D/3D, Continuous Scanning LDV, Tracking
..LDV, Fiber Optic LDV, In-plane LDV, Torsional LDV, Differential LDV
Full Field Interferometric Techniques
Holographic Techniques
Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry (ESPI)
Speckle Techniques
Vision Based Techniques: Digital Image Correlation DIC, High Speed Vision, Videogrammetric Techniques,
..Structured Illumination
Optical Sensors: Triangulation Sensors, Fiber Optic Sensors, Non- Interferometric Techniques, Fiber Bragg
..Gratings, Blade Tip Timing, Radar Laser
Microwave Interferometry: Radar Based Techniques, Continuous Wave, Stepped Frequency (CW-SF),
..Continuous Wave Frequency Modulated (CW-FM)
Ultrasonic Techniques: Non Contact Ultrasonic Probes, Laser Ultrasonics
Signal Processing Techniques
Microscopic Laser-Doppler Vibrometry
Multi-Channel LDV
New Components for LDV
Photonics Integrated Circuits for LDV
Techniques to Avoid Speckle Effects
Parameter Identification from LDV-Data (LDV Spectroscopy)
Vibration Detection in Optical Coherence Tomography
Technical Solutions for Sub-Femtometer LDV

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