Short Course on
Particle Image Velocimetry
Ancona, 10th June 2005

Supported by the EUROPEAN COMMISSION, Research DG, Human Resources and Mobility, Marie Curie Conferences & Training Courses


The Course is held at the premises of the Faculty of Engineering, Università Politecnica delle Marche, in room 160/3.
In order to facilitate orientation in the Faculty, each floor is identified by its altitude above sea level.
The main entrance to the Faculty is at level 160, floor #1 and room 160/3 is on the same floor as the entrance.

How to reach the Faculty
By bus: the Faculty can be reached by bus #4 and bus # 1/4 from Ancona centre and from the Railway station to the University terminal- Tavernelle, which is 200 m from the Faculty.
By taxi: you can call a taxi at the following telephone numbers: tel. 071 43321, 071 202895, 071 2810 447.
By car: turn off the A14 motorway at “Ancona Sud” then follow the signs to “Ancona centro” and “Università” along the SS16. 

Ancona is located in the centre of the Italian East coast, on the Adriatic sea, close to many Italian cities, such as Venice to the North, Florence to the West, Rome to the South- West, all within 300 Km distance.
It can be reached in many different ways: