XXVIII A.I.VE.LA. Annual Meeting
17-18 December 2020
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Virtual Exhibitors

BPS srl
Via I. Newton, 12
20016 Pero (Milano)

BPS Srl is pleased to illustrate VibroGo®, Polytec's latest vibration measurement solution.

VibroGo® is the truly portable, battery powered laser vibrometer for field studies and quick and easy condition monitoring of machines and facilities on the go.

VibroGo® measures vibrations on the go and without contact, covering a wide frequency range of up to 100 kHz. Its outstanding vibrational velocity resolution with high linearity across the entire frequency range provides a handy precision analysis tool. Use VibroGo® for a better understanding of dynamics and acoustics in nature and technology - for research, product development and quality assurance.
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