Online Participation - XXVIII AIVELA Meeting

XXVIII A.I.VE.LA. Annual Meeting
17-18 December 2020
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The XXVIII AIVELA Annual National Meeting will be held live on the Microsoft 365/Teams platform.
Presentations will be livestreamed on the days of the Meeting and registered participants will be sent the links to access the Meeting sessions by email.
If you are a registered participant:
  • Please, join the Sessions at the scheduled time according to the Meeting programme;
  • Once you join the Session, please be sure to switch your microphone and camera OFF;
  • You will be allowed to make questions at the end of each presentation. Please, be sure to raise your hand in case of question (click on the “raised hand” symbol in Microsoft Teams). The Session Chair will allow you the make the question by calling your name;
  • When you ask the question, remember to switch your microphone and camera ON;
  • After the interaction with the Speaker, please remember to switch your microphone and camera OFF.

If you are a Session Chair:
  • At the time of the session, keep your camera and microphone switched ON, introduce yourself as Session Chair and start the Session;
  • Ask the first speaker to switch the microphone and the camera ON and introduce the speaker;
  • Ask the speaker to share his/her screen and start the presentation. Please, remind the Speaker the time available for the presentation: 15 mins + 5 mins for possible questions;
  • After the presentation, please check if there are questions from Attendees by looking at the “raised hand” symbols in the list of participants, allow participants (one by one, by calling their names) to make their questions and receive the answers from the speaker. After question time, remind the speaker to switch the camera and the microphone OFF.

If you are a Speaker, click here for detailed instructions to follow to make your presentation.
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