Participation Fees - XXVIII AIVELA Meeting

XXVIII A.I.VE.LA. Annual Meeting
17-18 December 2020
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€ 120,00
€   80,00
€ 120,00
All participation fees include the proceedings and membership to AIVELA for 2020- 2021.

For Companies the fees also include "a booth" in the Virtual Exhibition as well as a time-slot within a special dedicated session of the Meeting where they can present their latest products and services.

Participation fees must be paid by bank transfer in the favour of:
c/o Dipartimento di Ingegneria Industriale e Scienze Matematiche
via Brecce Bianche, 60131 Ancona
C.F. 93038610429
c/o UNICREDIT- Agenzia di Via Bruno Buozzi 14, Ancona
IBAN: IT 90 G 02008 02627 000005926544
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