Presenting Autors - XXVIII AIVELA Meeting

XXVIII A.I.VE.LA. Annual Meeting
17-18 December 2020
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Presentations will be livestreamed on the Microsoft Teams platform on the days of the Meeting.
Presenting authors will be sent the links to access the Meeting sessions by email and are required to join the session at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time.
They have 15 mins for their presentation, followed by 5 mins discussion.
When the Session Chair calls their name, introduces them and invites them to make their presentation, Presenting authors are required to switch their microphone and camera ON and share their screen to show their presentation.
After the presentation, they are required to switch their microphone and camera OFF.

Presenting authors are required to send a short biographical sketch about their professional background for the session Chairman.
CLICK HERE to download the bio sketch

Authors and co-authors are expected to attend the Meeting or have a designated representative available to preset their paper.
The failure of authors to appear causes disappointment to the attendees and creates problems with the programme schedule.
Authors who can no longer participate in the Meeting and give their presentation due to serious unexpected events are requested to advise the Secretariat as soon as possible.

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