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The Italian Association of Laser Velocimetry and non invasive diagnostics was founded in July 1991 to promote the development of laser velocimetry techniques.The main objectives of A.I.VE.LA. are:

- to develop the exchange of information among scientists, universities, associations, societies, companies and corporations interested in scientific and tecnological activities of laser velocimetry;
- to promote and to widespread the study and the research on laser velocimetry and its applications by technical reports, pubblications, meetings, courses and workshops;
- to promote technical education in the field of laser velocimetry.


The areas of activity of A.I.VE.LA. are:

Laser Doppler velocimetry
Laser dual-focus velocimetry
Phase Doppler velocimetry
Laser vibrometry
Particle image velocimetry
Flow visualization and image processing
Interferometric and holographic techniques
Development of instrumentation
Signal analysis and data processing
Comparison of theory and measurements

The above-mentioned activities may be directly applied in various industrial and scientific activities such us, fluid dynamics (hydro and aerodynamics), combustion, industrial, environmental and biomedical engineering, etc.

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