5th Intl. Conference on
                                                                     Vibration Measurements by Laser Techniques
                                                                                                  & Short Course
Ancona, 18- 21 June 2002



Instructions for Presenting Authors

08.30- 09.15  REGISTRATION
09.15- 09.30 Welcome
Chair: D.J. Ewins, Imperial College, London, UK
E.P. Tomasini, University of Ancona, Italy 

Vibration measurements in a rotating blisk test rig using an LDV, A.B. Stanbridge, I.A. Sever, D.J. Ewins, Imperial College, U. K.

A comprehensive velocity sensitivity model for scanning and tracking laser Doppler vibrometry on axially flexible rotating structures, B.J. Halkon, S.J. Rothberg, Loughborough University, U.K.

The order tracking of rotating machinery based on instantaneous frequency estimation, S. Qin, B. Tang, X. Wang, R. Wei, University of Chongqing, China 

10.30-10.45 Coffee break
10.45-12.25 Session 2: METROLOGY & CALIBRATION I 
Developed by: H. J. von Martens, PTB, Germany
Chair:  H. J. von Martens, PTB, Germany

Development of laser interferometer for sin approximation method, T. Usuda, E. Furuta, A. Ohta, H. Nakano, National Metrology Institute of Japan, Japan 

A novel implementation of the sine-approximation method for primary vibration calibration by laser interferometry, C.S. Veldman, CSIR- National Metrology Laboratory, South Africa 

High-precision laser vibrometers based on digital Doppler signal processing, M. Bauer, F. Ritter, G. Siegmund, Polytec GmbH, Germany 

Primary vibration calibration by laser interferometry- requirements, problems and first experience with a new calibration system, U. Buehn, H. Nicklich, Spektra GmbH, Germany 

Laser pistonphone as an alternative tool for microphone absolute calibration at low frequencies,E. Bilgic, E. Sadikoglu, B. Karaboce, Ulusal Metrology Institute, Turkey 

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12.25- 13.45 Lunch
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13.45- 14.30
THE LAVINYA NETWORK: presentation of the Laser Vibrometry thematic network 
14.30- 15.50 Session 3: ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS & MEMS I 
Chair: J.F. Vignola, Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, USA 

Laser Doppler vibrometry for optical MEMS, E. Lawrence, K.E. Speller, D. Yu, Polytec PI, California, USA 

Laser-based modal analysis of smart electronic structures, R. Schnitzer, N. Rümmler, B. Michel, Fraunhofer Institute of Reliability and Microintegration, Germany 

Network-connected MEMS-measuring system for high-speed data transfer to CAD and simulation tools, C. Rembe, R. Kant, M.P. Young, R.S. Muller, Polytec GmbH, Germany 

Numerical investigation of microstructures using principles of holographic interferometry, M. Ragulskis, V. Ostasevicius, A. Palevicius, Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania 

15.50- 16.05 Coffee break
Chair: S.G. Hanson, Risø National Laboratory, Denmark
G. Pedrini, University of Stuttgart, Germany

Holographic common-path interferometer for measuring tilt or vibrations utilising a spatial heterodyne principle, S.R. Kitchen, C. Dam-Hansen, Risø National Laboratory, Denmark 

Full field laser vibrometry employing a novel CMOS-DSP camera, M.V. Aguanno, M.J. Connelly, M.P. Whelan, University of Limerick, Ireland 

Temporal speckle pattern interferometry for vibration measurements, J. Kauffmann, H.J. Tiziani, University of Stuttgart, Germany 

Vibration analysis by digital shearography, W. Steinchen, G. Kupfer, P. Mackel, University of Kassel, Germany

International space station: state of the art and novel possibilities for onboard research by means of holography and speckle metrology, V. Petrov, FIBA, Germany 

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20.00 Gala Dinner at Hotel Monte Conero
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08.30-09.50 Session 5: BIOMEDICAL APPLICATIONS 
Chair: W.F. Decraemer, University of Antwerp, RUCA, Belgium 

Vibration measurement on artificial heart valve by laser Doppler vibrometry, P.Castellini, R. Huebner, M.Pinotti, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brasil 

The integration of detailed 3-dimensional anatomical data for the quantitative description of 3-dimensional vibration of a biological structure. An illustration from the middle ear, W.F. Decraemer, S.M. Khanna, J.J.J. Dirckx, University of Antwerp, RUCA, Belgium 

Vibrational analysis of tendons mechanical properties, G.M. Revel, A. Scalise, L. Scalise, University of Ancona, Italy 

LDV measurements of the recoil momentum induced by ultra short laser pulses, G. Sessa, H-J. Foth, University of Kaiserslautern, Germany

09.50- 10.05 Coffee break
11.15- 12.55 Session 7: VIBRO-ACOUSTICS I 
Chair:  X. Carniel, CETIM, France 
N. Okubo, Chuo University, Japan

Characterisation of dissipative assembly by structural intensity using optical measurements, J.C. Pascal, X. Carniel, J. Li, University of Maine, France

Visualisation and measurement of acoustic and fluidic phenomena using a laser-scanning vibrometer, L. Zipser, H. Franke, University of Applied Sciences Dresden, Germany 

Energy flow analysis in vibrating systems by laser vibrometer measurements, A. Culla, A. Sestieri, University “La Sapienza”, Italy 

Axe work II: vibro-acoustical study of solid body electric guitars, E. Esposito, C. Santolini, L. Scalise, University of Ancona, Italy 

Generation of longitudinal surface acoustic waves by laser pulse, V. Minialga, S. Sajauskas, Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania 


Chair: K.M. Abramski,Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland 
H. Passia, Central Mining Institute, Poland

Structural integrity analysis of vibrating composite structures based on optical fibre strain sensing and finite element model updating, G. Nosenzo, M.P. Whelan, T. Dalton, University of Limerick, Ireland 

Reducing the mechanical hysteresis problems in optically-addressed diaphragm pressure sensors, S.A. Sharifian, D.R. Buttsworth, University of Southern Queensland, Australia 

Vibration sensing with very thin optical taper fibers, S. Kobayashi, K. Ogura, S. Obara, Y. Fujii, Chitose Institute of Science and Technology, Japan 

Laser fiber vibrometry gained by fiber amplifiers, P.R. Kaczmarek, D. Kwiecien, A. Budnicki, E.M. Beres-Pawlik, K.M. Abramski, Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland 

Demonstration of a dual-cavity extrinsic fibre Fabry-Pérot interferometer for vibration-displacement measurements, V. Métivier, E. Morteau, E. Ouisse, H.C. Seat, Ecole des Mines de Nantes, France 

12.55- 14.15  Lunch
14.15- 15.35 Session 9: METROLOGY & CALIBRATION II 
Chair: H. Selbach, Polytec GmbH, Germany

Investigations to assess the best accuracy attainable in accelerometer calibrations, H.J. von Martens, A. Link, H.J. Schlaak, A. Taubner, W. Wabinski, C. Weissenborn, PTB, Germany 

Low Frequency Laser Calibration of Vibration Transducers Using Off-the-shelf Laser Vibrometers and Counters, T.R. Licht, S.E. Salbol, Bruel & Kjaer A/S, Denmark

Definition of FBG sensor photoelastic coefficient by Laser Doppler vibrometry, B. Marchetti, R. Montanini, C. Rondini, P. Maggiorana, G.L. Rossi, University of Ancona, Italy 

Realization and dissemination of linear acceleration unit at UME, A. Sadikoglu, E. Bilgic, B. Karaboce, Ulusal Metrology Institute, Turkey 

15.35- 15.50 Coffee break
Chair:  H. Steinbichler, Steinbichler Optotechnik GmbH, Germany

Vibration measurements of hidden object surfaces by using holographic endoscopes, G. Pedrini, I. Alexeenko, M. Gusev, H.J. Tiziani, University of Stuttgart, Germany

The impulse response function for common-path interferometers, S.G. Hanson, S.R. Kitchen, R.S. Hansen, Risø National Laboratory, Denmark

Colour-coded holographic interferometry, V. Petrov, FIBA, Germany

Vibration analysis of layered structured by opto-electronics methods, G. Schirripa Spagnolo, M. Papalardo, A. Iula, R. Carotenuto, R. Majo, D. Ambrosini, D. Paoletti, University Roma Tre, Italy 

Holographic interferometers based on photorefractive crystals for vibration measurements, M. Georges, C. Thizy, S. Ryhon, G. Pauliat, P. Lemaire, G. Roosen, Centre Spatial de Liege, Belgium

Holography with semiconductor laser sources applied to art conservation, V. Petrov, FIBA, Germany 

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Concert at 'Santa Maria' in Portonovo
Gala Dinner at Hotel Fortino Napoleonico
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Chair: G.C. Righini, IROE, CNR, Italy

Self-mixing laser diode vibrometer with wide dynamic range, G. Giuliani, S. Donati, L. Monti, University of Pavia, Italy 

Double laser diode speed sensor for contactless measures of moving targets, X. Raoul, T. Bosch, N. Servagent, Ecole des Mines de Nantes, France 

Self-mixing feedback laser Doppler vibrometry, L. Scalise, University of Ancona, Italy 


Chair: N. Paone, University of Ancona, Italy
I. Popov, George Kelk Corporation, Canada 

Accuracy of zero crossing counting in laser Doppler velocimetry, I. Popov, George Kelk Corporation, Canada 

Misalignment measurement error compensation in a passive phase-demodulated laser interferometer, H.P. Ho, Y. Chan, K.C. Lo, S.Y. Wu, City University of Hong Kong, China 

The research of time-frequency analyzing theory and system, B. Tang, S. Qin, C. Zhang, X. Zhou, Y. Ji, University of Chongqing, China 

10.00- 10.15 Coffee break
10.15- 12.00 Session 13: VIBRO-ACOUSTICS II 
Chair: D. Storer, CRF, Italy
E. Wagner, Fraunhofer IPM, Germany

Laser Doppler vibrometry and near-field acoustic holography: different approaches for surface velocity distribution measurements, M. Martarelli, G.M. Revel, University of Ancona, Italy 

Vibrational assessment of professional loudspeaker systems’ plastic cabinet, E. Esposito, University of Ancona, Italy 

Predicting noise radiation using LDV measurements, X. Carniel, L. Bollade, CETIM, France 

Experimental determination of air influence on a loudspeaker cone vibrations by Scanning Laser Doppler Vibrometry, E. Esposito, M. Navarri, S. Papalini, M. Pontillo, E. P. Tomasini, R. Toppi, University of Ancona, Italy 

Technical solutions and experience in laser anemometry for underground mining, other industrial and biomedical applications, H. Passia, A. Szade, Z. Motyka, W. Bochenek, Central Mining Institute, Poland 


Chair: A.B- Stanbridge, Imperial College, U. K.

Loss mechanisms in MEMS-oscillators, J.F. Vignola, H. Simpson, D.M. Photiadis, M. Marcus, J. Jarzynski, L. Sekaric, X. Liu, B.H. Houston, Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, USA 

Unique MEMS characterization solutions enabled by laser Doppler vibrometer measurements, K.E. Speller, H. Goldberg, J. Gannon, E. Lawrence, Applied MEMS Inc., USA 

Scanning laser Doppler vibrometer for dynamic measurements on small-and micro- systems, P. Castellini, B. Marchetti, E.P. Tomasini, University of Ancona, Italy 

Dynamic microwaviness of super smooth disk media used in magnetic hard disk drives, K.M. Lee, A.A. Polycarpou, University of Illinois, USA 

Shock process dynamics analysis in macro and micro scale contact systems, A. Palevicius, V. Ostasevicius, M. Ragulskis, R. Palevicius, L. Ragulskis, Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania

12.00- 13.20   Lunch
Chair: C. Roveda, Polytechnic of Milan, Italy
P. Salieri, European Commission, Belgium

Vibro-acoustic quality control using laser vibrometers and optimized data processing techniques, G. Wirth, H. Selbach, Polytec GmbH, Germany 

Comparative study between laser vibrometer and accelerometer measurements for mechanical fault detection of electric motors, R.M. Rodriguez, C. Cristalli, N. Paone, University of Ancona, Italy

Non-destructive testing technique combining ultrasonic Lamb waves and double-pulse TV holography, D. Cernadas, C. Trillo, A.F. Doval, J.C. Lopez, B.V. Dorrio, J.L. Fernandez, M. Perez-Amor, University of Vigo, Spain 

Feasibility of using laser-based vibration measurements to detect roof fall hazards in underground mines, P. Swanson, National Inst. for Occupational Safety and Health, USA 

A measuring method for laser-based profilometry and its applications in non-destructive testing and quality control, R. Stojanovic, S. Koubias, S. Stojanovic, University of Patras, Greece 

15.00- 16.00 Session 16: AUTOMOTIVE APPLICATIONS
Chair: K. Bendel, Robert BOSCH GmbH, Germany
L. Merlini, Same Deutz- FAHR Group SPA

Valve motion measurements on motorbike heads using high speed laser vibrometer, A. Carlini, A. Rivola, G. Dalpiaz, A. Maggiore, University of Ferrara, Italy

Temperature shift on resonance frequency for spark plug ground electrode, R. Dardano, Prototipo Spa, Italy

Strain measurements in timing belts by Particle Image Velocimetry, F. Cannella, E.P. Tomasini, University of Ancona, Italy