XIV A.I.VE.LA. National Meeting
Rome, 6-7 november 2006


Monday, 6th November   Tuesday, 7th November

Monday, 6th November

14.00   14.40 Registration

14.40   16.20 Session 1, Chairman: Prof. M. Onorato, Politecnico di Torino

Determination of a quantitative criterion to distinguish between coherent and incoherent approaches in the thermometric interpretation of Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman spectra
M. Marrocco, ENEA

Experimental study of turbulence-flame front interactions by means of PIV-LIF technique
G.Troiani,  M.Marrocco, ENEA

Analysis of Interaction between Acoustic Waves and Laminar Premixed Flames by means of OH-PLIF
T. Pagliaroli, R. Bruschi, G.P. Romano, E. Giacomazzi, M. Marrocco, C. Stringola, E. Giulietti, ENEA

Optical monitoring of cardiac activity: Signal characterization and preliminary clinical results
M. De Melis, U. Morbiducci, L. Scalise, Università Politecnica delle Marche

Correction of misalignment errors in stereoscopic PIV systems,
R. Giordano, T. Astarita, G. M. Carlomagno, Università di Napoli Federico II

16.20   16.45 coffee break

16.45   19.05 Session 2, Chairman: Prof. P. Zunino, Università di Genova

Qualitative fluid-dynamic analysis of wing profile by thermographic technique
A. Salviuolo, M. Malerba, G.L. Rossi, Università di Perugia

An application of the PIV technique to the study of the flows inside fluid power directional control valves
S. Camporeale, G. Del Vescovo, A. Lippolis, Politecnico di Bari

A non invasive technique for the modal analysis of inhomogeneous structures: digital holography and extended Karhunen-Loève Decomposition
M. Diez, Università Roma Tre

A novel method for automatic evaluation of the accuracy in distance measurement performed by medical ultrasound scanners
A. Scorza, A. D'Orazio, S. A. Sciuto, Università Roma Tre

Propeller wake instability and breakdown: effect of the blade number
M. Felli, R. Camussi, G. Guj, INSEAN

Dynamic of the propeller tip vortices interacting with a rudder
E. Monti, M. Felli, G Guj, INSEAN

Influence of wall roughness on near wall turbulence structure
C. Haigermoser, L. Vesely, M. Onorato, Politecnico di Torino

20.30  Dinner at Il Bocconcino


Tuesday, 7th November

09.00 10.20 Session 3, Prof. A. Coghe, Politecnico di Milano

Velocity and turbulence measurements in a separating boundary layer with laser Doppler Velocimetry
F. Satta, D. Simoni, M. Ubaldi, P. Zunino, Università di Genova

Measurement of the cavitation pattern by two non- intrusive techniques: Imaging and Echography
A. Felici, F. Di Felice, F. Pereira, M. Soave, INSEAN10.30 10.45

Submarine wake features at two different values of the drift angle
E. Binotti, M. Felli, G Guj, F. Di Felice, INSEAN

A novel phase averaging technique for periodic flows
F. Cozzi, A. Coghe, F. Martinelli, A. Olivani, Politecnico di Milano

10.20 10.40 coffee break

10.40 - 12.00 Members Assembly

12.00 13.00 Session 4, Chairman: Prof. G. Zizak, CNR- IENI

PIV analysis around the Bilge Keel of a Ship Model in Free Roll Decay
G. Aloisio, F. Di Felice, INSEAN

A stereo PIV investigation of a round jet
S. Grizzi, M. Falchi, G.P. Romano, INSEAN

Endoscopic PIV in a helical coil
F. Auteri, M. Belan, S. Ceccon, G. Gibertini, Politecnico di Milano

13.00 14.30 Lunch

14.30 16.10 Session 5, Chairman: Ing. S. Giammartini, ENEA

Micro Particle Image Velocimetry (µPIV) application to fluid dynamic of endothelial flow chamber
M.Rossi, R. Lindken, J. Westerweel, E.P. Tomasini, Università Politecnica delle Marche

Velocity and Wall Pressure Correlations Over a Forward Facing Step
E. Fiorentini, F. Pereira, R. Camussi, G. Aloisio, INSEAN

Investigation on sprays from a common rail multi- jet injection system
S. Alfuso, A. Montanaro, L. Allocca, Istituto Motori- CNR

Flow Evolution within a Diesel Spray during the Mixture Formation Process under Engine Conditions by PIV
M. Auriemma, G. Caputo, F.E. Corcione, G. Valentino, Istituto Motori, CNR

Investigation by optical techniques of the soot load non-uniformity in a premixed ethylene-air "flat" flame produced by a McKenna burner
F. Migliorini, S. De Iuliis, F. Cignoli, G. Zizak, CNR- IENI

16.10 16.15 concluding remarks