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The International Conference on Vibration Measurements by Laser Techniques was first held in October 1994 and since its very first edition it has met large consensus among the International Research Community. 

The Conference aims at creating an active and stimulating forum for sharing current research results and technical advances and for promoting the development of new systems for laboratory use, field testing and industrial applications. For this reason, experts in vibration and acoustics, manufacturers and authorities in the field of optical and non- invasive instrumentation and industrial users of such measurement devices have come from all over the world to present their activities and innovative approaches to vibration measurements.
In 2010 the Scientific Commitee decided to broaden the topics dealt with by the event by including also noncontact measurement techniques, to offer a more complete overview.
The 2023 edition of the event will be held in Ancona, Italy, in the beautiful setting of the Conero Riviera, on 21st-23rd June 2023.

Download the Call for Papers here.

To register for the Conference and/or the Short Course, participants are kindly requested to fill in and send the registration form together with the form for the consent to the treatment of personal data duly signed to the AIVELA Secretariat by e-mail:


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Fees for the Short Course include membership to AIVELA, the Course notes, coffee break and lunch on 20th June.
Fees for the Conference include membership to AIVELA, publication of 1 paper, proceedings, coffee breaks and lunches, the gala dinner, visit to the Exhibition on 21-23 June.
Lunches and dinners for accompanying persons must be booked in advance. Contact the Secretariat for further details.
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Leading camera-based motion measurement systems for displacement measurements, motion magnification, vibrations and modal analysis, acoustics, full-filed responses, Schlieren and more.Measure thousands of points simultaneously with sub-micron accuracy! 

MotionScope – Visualizing the invisible

Recent times have seen major advances in digital cameras, imaging techniques and visual analysis. Gone are the days of VGA resolution! Cameras now record HD and even 4k. Frame rates above 100 fps are not uncommon in modern consumer devices.
Motion Scope is a modern venture set at developing and implementing new, industry-leading and innovative technologies in the field of computer vision and imaging into easy to understand and intuitive products.
The company evolved from doctoral research on measuring structural vibrations with high-speed cameras. Structures ranging meters in size will exhibit vibrations ranging in microns, but can still be measured with cameras. The technology has proven to be more than prospective and warrant real-world use. This, coupled with mechanical and electrical engineering skill-set and years of high-speed imaging experiences brings us to Motion Scope.
We push the boundaries of what can be visually observed, by: peering into microscopic scales, warping time with high-speed imaging and measuring or visualizing minute motion far bellow the pixel scale with our tracking and motion magnification software.

The company is based in Slovenia (EU) and does business internationally. Our customers are predominately businesses and research institutions.

Viale dell’Industria, 1
27020 – Trivolzio (PV) – ITALY


Julight VSM series (VSM = Vibrometer Self-Mixing) Laser Vibrometers are compact and versatile instruments based on the innovative Self-Mixing Interferometry principle (SMI), for non-contact vibration measurements with high sensitivity and flexible working distance.

The measurable vibrations range from few tens of pm, to tens of mm, for frequencies from DC up to 100kHz, or 10MHz (with the ultrasound extended bandwidth option).

Julight Laser Vibrometer are capable of measuring directly onto any type of diffusive surface, without the need to use retroreflective painting or stickers, up to several meters distance. Working distance goes from 100mm to 5m for standard versions based on laser safety class 1 infra-red measuring laser, and up to 30m with long-distance option and laser safety class 3B.

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Julight LT series (LT = Laser Triangulation) includes easy-to-use and reliable laser sensors for non-contact absolute distance and vibration measurements. The fully-analog electronic design ensures an output signal with zero-delay, and state-of-the-art signal-to-noise ratio. Bandwidth from 20kHz to 800kHz are available, with an internal selectable low-pass filter. More than 10 LT versions/models exist, with working distance from 40mm to 1000mm, and measuring range from 10mm to 300mm. Laser wavelength can be chosen among the classical red (635nm, or 660nm), and also green (520nm) and blue (450nm), for adapting at best to the surfaces to be measured. The LT series is recommended for measurement of different types of displacements: from static deformations to mechanical vibrations, from acoustic frequency range to ultrasound actuators and devices. Measurement can be performed onto diffusive surfaces, even with large in-plane velocity, and on rotating machinery. LT sensors can be controlled by a PC using a dedicated software that communicates via Ethernet, that displays the average and maximum/minimum target distances.


The LVM sensor series (LVM = Laser Valve Motion) has been purposedly developed for the automotive sector, for the non-contact measurement of the motion of valves of internal combustion engines, in test-benches that include an electric motor to drive the camshaft and generate valve lift.

The basic version features one or more zero-delay laser triangulation sensors, which supply real-time displacement of the valves with high resolution, in the form of displacement, velocity and acceleration signal outputs. The zero-delay feature greatly help testers in the acquisition/interpretation of the valve lift, without the need to continuously synchronize the delay with respect to the camshaft/crankshaft encoder for varying rotation regimes.

An optional Laser Doppler Vibrometer based on SMI technology can be added, to allow automatic and real-time subtraction of the unwanted (but always present in practical experiments) vibrations of the engine head. The VSM system can be controlled by a PC using a dedicated software that communicates via Ethernet.

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Optomet GmbH
Pfungstädter Str. 92, 

64297 Darmstadt
Tel:        +49 6151 38432-0

Fax:       +49 6151 3688460

Optomet is laser vibrometry for
vibration measurement

Combining state-of-the-art technology and sophisticated design in the development and manufacturing of laser Doppler vibrometers is our mission.
The results are
high-precision, user-friendly measurement devices with world class performance.
Using latest generation FPGA-based signal processing and high-sensitivity SWIR laser measurement technology, Optomet defines a new standard for high performance laser Doppler vibrometers.
Optomet systems excel by a consistently digital workflow and can also be seamlessly integrated into existing analog data acquisition environments.
Optomet’s vibrometers allow customers to make the most accurate and efficient non-contact vibration measurements, all without surface treatment.

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The Optomet Vector-Micro-Optic is an additional product for the Vector series and enables measurements on the smallest objects due to the extremely small laser spot (approx. 3um). It contains a 12 MP 4K camera so that precise placement of the laser spot on the test object is guaranteed.  The Vector-Micro-Optic is ideal for use in electronics development and measurements on electronic components.


  • Proven visible HeNe Laser source for precise multi-purpose vibration measurements
  • Unmatched dynamic range enables vibration measurements from 0 to 25 MHz
  • Extremely small laser spot size (approximately 3 um) for measurements on small objects
  • 12 MP 4K camera included in Micro-Optics
  • Precise placement of laser spot on test object
  • Ideal for applications in electronics development and measurements on electronic components
  • Optional positioning stage for precise alignment of test object and Micro-Optics system
  • Compact all-in-one design



Nova Series:
Digital Free Beam SWIR Laser Vibrometer

The Nova series is a modern and digital free beam laser Doppler vibrometer (LDV), which works with a SWIR measuring laser (Short-Wavelength-InfraRed; SWIR). The Nova series is essential when every decibel is important for the signal level or exceptional dynamic range is required. Typical scenarios relate to structures that reflect visible light poorly, such as dark and rough surfaces or biological tissue. Even when measuring over long distances, for example in construction or on glowing surfaces such as turbine blades in the aerospace industry or in vehicle and plant construction, the signal strength is crucial.

Measurements on carbon composite panels or other non-cooperative materials can be carried out just as easily as measurements at distances of more than 200 m, without the need to treat the surface of the measurement object.


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Digital Fiber-coupled SWIR Laser Vibrometer

Polytec-Platz 1-7
76337 Waronn
Tel:      +49 7243 604-0
Fax:     +49 7243 69944


POLYTEC – Shaping the future since 1967

As an innovative high-tech company, Polytec provides cutting edge optical measurement solutions to researchers and engineers. Our commitment is to provide the most precise and reliable optical measurement systems and sensors available for non-contact measurement of vibration, length, speed, surface topography and for process analytics. Polytec instruments help to solve pressing application challenges both in R&D and manufacturing quality and process control, they help our customers to maintain and advance the leading position in their field.
Polytec presents the latest achievements in Laser Doppler Vibrometry on it’s booth on the AIVELA conference. This includes single-point and scanning laser Vibrometers based on multi-path interferometers (QTec) featuring the best noise performance on all engineered and biomedical surfaces, the unique portable and autonomous Vibrometer VibroGo, featuring internal data recording and WiFi connection and the modular VibroFlex Vibrometer system.


PSV QTec® – Reinventing Optical Vibration Mapping

With the new generation of the PSV QTec® Scanning Vibrometer, Polytec presents a completely new technology, which is nothing less than a revolution in the full-field optical measurement of vibration deflection shapes. With QTec®, Polytec has achieved a decisive breakthrough. Best signal-to-noise ratio on all surfaces makes measurements up to ten times faster and increases the usable resolution by up to 20 dB. This gain in data quality and test efficiency is especially crucial where optical vibration measurement can already show its advantages as a non-contact, non-invasive test method. The patented QTec® Scanning Laser Doppler Vibrometry makes the decisive difference in data quality and significance.


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MSA-650 IRIS Micro System Analyzer – Microscope-based vibrometers

Optical characterization of dynamics on Si-capped MEMS

Visualization of dynamic response is key to testing and developing MEMS devices. This is indispensable for validating FE calculations and determining cross-talk effects. The innovative and patented MSA-650 IRIS Micro System Analyzer allows for measuring true MEMS dynamics by characterizing both in-plane and out-of-plane motions through silicon encapsulation without contact, without need for preparing nor decapping the device. The step of MEMS capping in fabrication processes may result in additional stress, which might alter the device performance. Therefore, a comprehensive characterization of the MEMS device in its final and encapsulated state is needed and indispensible.


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Click on the image to download the brochure

VibroGo – Truly portable laser vibration measurement

VibroGo® is the truly portable, battery powered laser vibrometer for field studies and quick and easy condition monitoring of machines and facilities on the go.

This sensor measures the real vibration behavior, acoustics and dynamics of excited structures without contact and directly displays measurement data in the time and frequency domain. VibroGo® even allows on-board analysis in the field, while covering a wide frequency range of up to 320 kHz. Its outstanding resolution, with high linearity across the entire frequency range provides a handy precision analysis tool. Use VibroGo® for a better understanding of dynamics and acoustics in nature and technology – for research, product development and quality assurance.


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VibroFlex – New flexibility in optical vibration measurement from nano to macro-sized structures

With VibroFlex, Polytec introduces the new flexibility in optical vibration measurement with a modular sensor solution that adapts to your needs: Add microscope optics for tiny structures or measure large, complex samples like machinery, motors etc. Discover acoustics and vibration phenomena in research and product development for a faster time-to-market or use it for reliable in-line inspections of your production parts with the focus on cost-efficiency.

NEW: QTec® Powerful on all surfaces

The VibroFlex QTec sensor head delivers the highest optical sensitivity, enabling high-fidelity measurements on all surfaces – even on dark, biological, rotating or moving objects. This eye-safe laser technology is perfect for challenging applications such as NDT, biomedical, long distance displacement measurements, quasi-static displacement measurement and shaker feedback control.

The patented and highly innovative technology QTec® makes vibration measurements faster, easier and more reliable than ever – for the most robust, unambiguous results.


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Service and support

PolyXpert engineering services, system rentals and technical support

Polytec has at its disposal a global distribution network with branches in Europe, the USA and Asia and has dealers in all five continents. This global service network means you can be sure that your needs in the field of optical measuring systems and components as well as contactless vibration measurement technology will be met quickly and comprehensively – regardless of where you require our assistance. In short, wherever you are – we’re at your side.


Contact us now!

For any questions you may have, I am looking forward your call or email:


Dipl.-Phys. Thomas Karasinski                  
Sales International

Phone: +49 7243 604-1030                          
Mobile: +49 172 7275632